Future-Proofing the Enterprise for Competitive Advantage

Extending and enhancing existing systems using digital technologies

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Coping with social media crisis: How 3 big brands did it

With close to two billion active Facebook users, and an average of more than 400 million tweets sent per day, social media has undoubtedly transformed the way people share and consume information. According to a Statista study on the most popular social networks worldwide, Facebook rules supreme, with over 1,870 million active users and 18% market share.

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5 best practices to get social engagement right

Social engagement - the use of social media to increase revenue and sales team productivity - is an inevitable consequence of social buying.In a LinkedIn-commissioned study, Forrester found that social networks are a critical source of influence on decision-makers in every phase of the IT purchase process. This is increasingly true of other industries as well.

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8 intriguing digital marketing stats and facts

Digital is now the first touch point for a customer, a medium that provides consumers greater visibility and control over what they want to see based on what is of interest to them and what is not. An average customer spends more time online today than on TV and all other media combined. This makes digital marketing critical to realizing the true potential of real-time connectivity with customers. Businesses understand this-digital marketing budgets increased by double digit percentages in 2017.

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Five disruptive technology forces that are set to dominate digital businesses

As you start allocating digital spend, it is imperative to understand and evaluate key digital technologies that are set to define the digital landscape. Here are five such technologies to watch out for.

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