Choosing the right GIC partner

We understand choosing a gic partner is an important decision in your journey. You need a partner who is invested in your success and delivers on the commitments. To ensure a seamless transition that gets you up and running and headed onto success.

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The secret behind great GICs - Culture-fit employees

Culturally fit employees make all the difference in the success of GICs

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Today, GIC - is not a matter of ‘IF’, but a matter of ‘WHEN’

According to NASSCOM India, GlC revenue in India will peak to USD $50Bn in 2020, doubling its footprint in 2 years.

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DevSecOps: Automating Security at the Core of Application Delivery

Digital technologies are disrupting business models, revolutionizing business processes, and introducing new ways of working across industries – not just in retail or banking. The new breed of employees, comprising a growing number of millennials, uses multiple devices to access information – including corporate communications and workflows.

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Global In-house Centers: Fuelling Growth, Innovation and Differentiation

With increasing digitization and mounting customer expectations, fostering an innovation-driven culture has never been more important to businesses. Today, enterprises are expected to implement new digital initiatives, proactively use analytics, and provide custom services and solutions at the speed of ideas. How can businesses fulfil this tall order while creating sustainable value and enhancing customer experience?

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