Global In-house Center (GIC) 3.0 - Reinvention is the key

Your company doesn't just need a GIC strategy but it needs a complete GIC playbook

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Choosing the right GIC partner

We understand choosing a gic partner is an important decision in your journey. You need a partner who is invested in your success and delivers on the commitments. To ensure a seamless transition that gets you up and running and headed onto success.

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The secret behind great GICs - Culture-fit employees

Culturally fit employees make all the difference in the success of GICs

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Today, GIC - is not a matter of ‘IF’, but a matter of ‘WHEN’

According to NASSCOM India, GlC revenue in India will peak to USD $50Bn in 2020, doubling its footprint in 2 years.

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DevSecOps: Automating Security at the Core of Application Delivery

Digital technologies are disrupting business models, revolutionizing business processes, and introducing new ways of working across industries – not just in retail or banking. The new breed of employees, comprising a growing number of millennials, uses multiple devices to access information – including corporate communications and workflows.

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