Hybrid Global In-house Centre

Set the wheel in motion and let it drive companies’ interest

Global In-house Centre (GIC) is gaining massive popularity across industry verticals as it continues to evolve on the maturity curve. GIC today is considered as strategic initiative that has potential to deliver competitive advantage. The question is, how do you make that happen? And, how can your GIC create business value for your enterprise?

Setting up and operating a GIC demand careful planning and execution. It requires access to multi-dimensional ecosystem that can help meet operational, financial and regulatory objectives. You need to adopt a holistic approach to drive value and aggressive growth amidst digital disruption. A strategic partner with strong network and unconstrained access to local market can make the journey to GIC seamless and effective.

Create value through strategic partnership

Drawing on our extensive experience in supporting transformational initiatives, performance management and shared service strategies, CausePoint is well positioned to support you in your GIC initiative. From consulting to implementation support to co-creation, we can help you at every step of the way.

Our aim is to drive growth and create sustained business value through mutually beneficial partnership. That is why, we offer various engagement models designed to suit your business requirements and achieve your goals.

Build, Own, Operate, Transfer

We own and finance the infrastructure and resources for easy set up and transfer a fully operational and efficient GIC. Capital cost is borne by CausePoint while you are only responsible for operating costs.

Build, Operate, Transfer

You own and finance the infrastructure while CausePoint owns resources and manages operations, ensuring your operating costs are lower than internal costs. We provide holistic operational support to drive efficient performance and business aligned outcomes.

Strategic intervention

This model is designed for the existing GICs, where we help drive it up the value chain through capability maturity assessment, enabling you to realize the full potential of your existing GIC.

Why partner with CausePoint

We bring in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment, local ecosystem, industry best practices and source right-fit people and technologies. By partnering with us you will have unbridled access to capabilities and resources needed to establish and run a GIC successfully. Apart from this, we also bring following advantages to the table:

Center of Excellence - You have access to highly skilled ecosystem that is geared to drive co-innovation, value added benefits and growth in global markets. Whereas, cost and process optimization ensure higher productivity and deliver superior outcomes.

Robust Governance - Our multi-dimensional governance framework enables you to maximize value realization, and measure vendor performance against contractual commitment, prevent risk and maximize accountability.

Future Readiness - Leveraging our unique 'FleetFooted' approach that pervades every aspect of the way we do business, we bring in speed, responsiveness and agility to every engagement. This helps us meet your evolving and changing business demands and drive sustained business outcomes.

Revenue Impact - We implement right-fit people, process and technologies, well-aligned with organizational and business objectives while ensuring digital readiness and scalability to power top line growth and profitability.

To know more about how we can help you plan, strategize, make the right decision across the stages of GIC implementation, talk to us today!