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Build an Ecosystem to Enable Business Growth

Do you know that more than 35% of talent pool of leading MNCs operate out of their Global In-house Centre (GIC) in India? Digital disruption combined with rapidly changing market priorities mandate an adaptive ecosystem of technology and talent geared to deliver strategic value. Recognizing this imperative organizations are increasingly embracing GIC as part of their operating model. Previously known as captives, these centers have witnessed impressive growth and evolution, allowing enterprises to tap into global talent pool, build agility and strategic capacity in-house.

India is fast emerging as destination of choice owing to its growing talent pool, maturing engineering and innovation ecosystem and increasing digital dexterity. However, setting up a GIC is a multi-phase process that requires a holistic approach and collaborative efforts. Choosing the right partner can help leverage domain expertise and access local ecosystem of people, process and technology, streamlining the journey and accelerating value creation.

Gain Advantage through Trusted Partnership

At CausePoint, we understand GICs need to strategically support businesses, irrespective of the size, in driving value, optimizing cost and seizing new opportunities. We are fully invested in our client relationship and take pride in being trusted partners. Establishing a GIC requires meeting a set of key priorities that is fully managed by our team to make your journey seamless. From planning, setting up to managing operations, we work with you at every step of the way, enabling you to run competitive center and drive sustainable advantage.

Setup GIC as Business Enabler
   01: Legal Requirements
From commercial, tax, corporate, contractual to operational we help you meet all interrelated regulatory requirements
02: Location Selection
Based on talent availability, cost and risk factors we support you in selecting strategic location best suited for your business requirements
   03: Technology Infrastructure
We go beyond technology and implementation requirements, we also help plan and address IT delivery model aligned with business and operational requirements
04: Human Resource
We follow flexible sourcing strategies traditional as well as alternative and forge partnership with universities and start-ups based on requirements to ensure you have the right leadership and future-ready human capital
   05: Business Sustainability
Implement right set of process, people and technology to build right competencies and agility. Establish accountability-driven governance model to ensure measurable improvement and productivity enhancement
06: Center of Excellence
Ensure continuous process improvement and conduct training programs to upskill and motivate talent and build adaptability to newer technologies and business demands

Collaborate with us as we Focus on your Success

We bring a right mix of expertise to ensure continued success. Adopting a well-crafted approach, we meticulously plan and execute every project from start to finish. Our team of industry veterans, passionate and experienced professionals have a proven track record in successfully managing digital services, outsourcing and business transformation. Considering every business is unique we offer different services and engagement models to suit your specific requirements.

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